Sonic Geometry-Sound Meditation
with certified Vibrational Sound Therapist Dr. LaGenia Bailey 
Saturday, April 21 6:00pm-7:00pm
Meeting at 5345 Winthrop Ave

Sound is vibration.  Increasing your vibration is alchemy for the soul’s journey.  Come experience the healing energy of gong, handpan, mantra, singing bowls and Native American Flute.  LaGenia Bailey is a scientist and a yogi.  Her mission is to Bridge Eastern and Western Science for Holistic Wellness.  A neuropharmacologist, certified yoga therapist and musician, she combines this knowledge in meditation to bring people closer to who they really are as the Atma, the I am.  The being instead of the doing.  Join us in an evening of meditation practice and experience the alchemy of sonic geometry.  
Donation class – give what you can.  

Meditation Workshop
Saturday, April 28
12:30pm to 3:30pm

Yoga meditation is the practice of training your mind, clearing the filters that distort perception, and strengthening your attention. This 3-hour workshop will include an introduction the psychology of yoga, review of yoga philosophy (dyana and samadhi), and an asana (physical movement) practice integrating techniques of mindful movement. You will leave this workshop with data on how meditation affects brain function and an experience of guided meditation. Yoga Alliance CEUs are available for participation in this training. This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in developing their mental focus or teaching meditation techniques.

Cost is $50 for the 3 hour workshop. Yoga Alliance CEUs available upon request. Register at